Phillip Toledano Visualizes America’s Anxieties in “Hope & Fear” Photo Series

Though he shot it 10 years ago, Phillip Toledano’s 2004 photography series “Hope & Fear” still rings true a decade later as a diagnosis of our collective fears in 21st-century America. While the artist’s recent work, though highly stylized, is mostly documentary, “Hope & Fear” presents a nightmarish fantasy though its elaborate costuming and staging. In each surreal portrait, the sitter becomes subsumed in a substance or object that represents a specific societal problem or common anxiety taken to the extreme.

بلاد ” الرعب ” أوطاني ,
من القاصي إلى الداني ,
ومن جهلٍ إلى فقرٍ ,
ومن سجنٍ إلى ثانِ ,
بلاد الرعب أوطاني !

سميح القاسم (via haya-adab)